Reservation Procedure

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,     

Thank you for your interest in our Holiday offers. Here you find all information regarding the conditions of the reservation, the general features of the accommodations, rental rates, booking etc.

How to book the desired holiday accommodation?

With our appointment query you can select the holiday accommodations according to your own wishes. The arrival/departure days are highlighted in bold. Choose your travel date and click on "apply". If you would like to book a holiday accommodation, fill out the booking form and click on 'Book'.
A booking is binding after we have received the booking request. The booking have to be accepted by us.
With the confirmation of the booking you will receive an e-mail from us with the payment information and a detailed list of the costs. The customer is obliged to check the correctness of the booking confirmation immediately upon receipt and to point out any inaccuracies or discrepancies to Iberia Touristic Vermittlung.
Please transfer the agreed deposit to our listed the account

After receipt of the deposit, you will immediately receive a rental contract for the booked holiday accommodation and the travel documents by e-mail.

General brokerage conditions:

These General Terms and Conditions apply to the mediation of holiday accommodation by the company Iberia Touristic Vermittlung, which can be rented directly from an agency ("landlord"). Iberia Touristic Vermittlung mediates the conclusion of rental contracts for holiday accommodation between customers and landlords as an individual service. There is an agency contract between the customer and Iberia Touristic Vermittlung for the mediation of an individual service (§§ 675, 631 BGB). Iberia Touristic Vermittlung points out that due to a change in the law on package travel since July 1st, 2018, holiday home bookings as individual services are no longer subject to a security certificate. The company Iberia Touristic Vermittlung is authorized to collect payments from the customer. If the customer does not make payments due for the down payment or the balance despite a reminder and a deadline for payment, Iberia Touristic Vermittlung - also on behalf of the landlord - withdraw from the contract and charge the customer with cancellation costs or compensation. When making transfers, the customer must ensure that the full invoice amount is received by Iberia Touristic Vermittlung without deduction of bank charges.

General Features of the holiday accommodations:

Our descriptions of the holiday accommodation are kept brief and informative. The equipment within the holiday accommodation corresponds to the local standards. Kitchens and kitchenettes in the holiday accommodation are equipped with the facilities that you need during your holiday. The bedrooms, unless otherwise stated, are for 2 persons, each with a double bed or 2 single beds. All our holiday accommodation are fully equipped. Patio furniture are included in all rental properties. Houses have a barbecue or grill. For holiday villas with a private pool, suns lounges are available. The cleaning of swimming pool is included in the rent. Should unexpected difficulties arise during the stay or should the booked accommodation not be in order, the customer must immediately contact the landlord directly. As an intermediary, Iberia Touristic Mediation cannot remedy the situation.


Generally pets are not a problem. In every case, you must give prior notification if you wish to bring your pet or pets. In most cases an additional fee is due in Spain.

Prices and rental duration:

The rental prices listed are for the specified number of persons. Additional occupancy must always be reported to Iberia Touristic Vermittlung before the start of the rental period. All listed additional costs and extras are always payable to the landlord in cash when the keys are handed over.

Payment information:

After receipt of the deposit you will receive a rental contract and the travel documents by e-mail. Please always make the remaining payment directly to the landlord listed in the rental agreement. If the period between your booking and arrival is less than 7 days, the listed payment is due immediately after receipt of the e-mail with the payment information.


On arrive at your holiday accommodation you have to pay a deposit. This deposit is used as a guarantee of the proper use and care of the furniture, equipment and proper compliance with the terms and conditions for entering and leaving. This deposit will be repaid when you depart, except in cases of litigation.

Deposit by credit card:

If you pay the deposit by credit card, this amount will be blocked on the credit card on the day of arrival, but will not be debited at any time, except in the event of a dispute.

Visitor's taxes Catalonia:

From 1 November 2012, for all holiday homes in Catalonia visitor's taxes become due. The visitor taxe is to be paid separately on site and not included in the rental prices.


The arrival period is noted in your rental agreement. If your arrival is delayed, please inform the respective landlord in Spain directly. You will find the telephone number in your travel documents. The respective landlord reserves the right to re-let the rented holiday accommodation if the tenant arrives late without notifying this in advance by telephone or e-mail.


Upon request, a rebooking is allowed up to 90 days before the rental, but without guarantee a successful rebooking. To make a rebooking, we charge € 45. If, for other reasons, the booked holiday accommodation not available, so the administration on site provides you an equivalent alternative accommodation.


With a click of "Book" a travel contract is concluded.  If the decision is made to cancel your reservation at any time prior to commencement of your journey, it is in your interests to advise us immediately in writing, wither by a registered letter or fax, and to get a receipt from us to confirm that we have received your cancellation. Where you make a decision for whatever reason to cancel the reservation that you have made with us, there is a scale of cancellation fees, according to how near to the date of occupancy the cancellation is being made.

Cancellation within 90 days before the contracted rental period = 10% of the rental fees are forfeited by the renter
Cancellation within 89 – 60 days before the contracted rental period = 25 % of the rental fees are forfeited by the renter
Cancellation within 59 – 35 days before the contracted rental period = 50 % of the rental fees are forfeited by the renter
Cancellation from within 34 - 8 days before the contracted rental period = 80 % of the rental fees  are forfeited by the renter
Cancellation from within less than 2 days prior to the contracted rental period, the renter will forfeit 100% of rental fees.

In the event of a later cancellation, the entire rental price must be charged.

If we are able to re rent the accommodation again for the booked travel period to another person or persons, we will charge to you  10% of the rental price as a handling fee, or 100 € whichever is higher and refund the balance of the rest of any fees paid within 1 calendar month.

Special cancellation policy for Covid 19 / Corona Virus  

These cancellation conditions apply by border closings until further notice.
If the national borders are closed when you start your journey due to the COVID-19 pandemic and you cannot travel, we will refund the already paid amounts in full.
If the national borders are open, the normal travel cancellation conditions apply.
The validity of the descriptions and conditions are subject to German law. For all and any legal disputes that may arise, St Wendel Germany is the court of jurisdiction in all cases, without exception.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us by phone or contact form

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