Holidays in Moraira, one of the pearls of the Costa Blanca

Moraira is a small fishing village on the Costa Blanca, nestled in the surrounding mountains of Bernia, in a beautiful bay that can be considered a natural harbor. Despite the tourism, the place managed to preserve its originality. The former fishing village has become a popular summer resort in the last few years. Large hotels and high-rise buildings such as in Calpe, but looking in vain, and the community tries to avoid mass tourism as in Benidorm. The fishing village Moraira offers original natural beaches. Rocky bays and sandy beaches alternate. The watchtower of the Cap d'or and the castle on the beach are considered landmarks of the place. Fishing used to be life. The fishermen's huts used to serve as tool sheds for people were gradually turned into pretty little dwellings. Even today, the fishermen still go out to auction their fresh goods in the morning at the traditional fish market. Every morning, locals and tourists can take part in the auctions. A picturesque mountain panorama in the hinterland of Moraira invites the guest to hike and the sophisticated ambience of this coastal region is complemented by two international 18-hole golf courses. In Moraira you will find a yacht club with 620 berths and in the summer there are sailing courses and competitions. In Moraira there is a rich gastronomic offer. There are more than a hundred national and international restaurants, from the typical tapas bars to top international restaurants. On the second weekend of June in Moraira the festival Moros y Cristianos is celebrated and the past is portrayed. Several Filas (rows) of Moors and Christians in magnificent robes walk through the city and fights at the old castle. The humid and happy festival will be crowned with a fireworks display. At his Fiestas Patronales from 15 July Moraira honors his patron saint, the Virgen de los Desamparados, the Virgin of the Defenseless and the Holy Virgin Carmen.


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