Holidays in l'Estartit in Spain, enjoying the sun, beach and sea

L'Estartit is a resort and former fishing village on the Costa Brava in Spain. It lies at the transition from a rocky cliff to a kilometer-long, fine sandy beach in the lowlands of the river Ter, which flows south of the town into the Mediterranean Sea. Upstream are the archipelago of Illes Medes, a nature reserve popular with divers with an underwater flora and fauna unique in the Mediterranean. A long, wide and family-friendly beach with fine sand and all service facilities is available to the visitors. You will find here and in the vicinity but also numerous small bays, which are only accessible on foot and invite you to relax or to exciting dives. But sun, beach and nature is not the only thing that the small coastal town has to offer as a holiday destination. L'Estartit also offers its visitors a variety of traditional festivals, a wide selection of restaurants, bars and cafes with cozy terraces and a beautiful beach promenade where you can enjoy the balmy summer evenings. For numerous offers is taken care of. Whether horse riding, golf, tennis or other sports, enjoy a dream holiday with creative leisure activities. Also boaters are welcome guests. The marina of l'Estartit provides a safe haven for all captains. Charming bays, driveable caves and the typical wild coast of the Costa Brava are an experience for any recreational captain.


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