Holidays in Benissa on the Costa Blanca

The coastal strip of the place Benissa extends from Moraira to Calpe and the local area of ​​Benissa over hills and terraced fields up to the sea. Here the romantic coastal road meanders around the many rocks and bays. The coast of Benissa, with a length of 4 km, consists mainly of small bays with gravel, stone and sandy beaches. Many of the bays are suitable for diving and sailing. The most popular sandy beach is Fustera Beach. There is a wide range of sports here: Other beaches are Les Bassetes, Cala dels Pinets, Cala de La Llobella, Platgeta de l'Advocat, Cala del Baladrar and Cap Blanc.

Climate: Benissa has a climate with an annual mean temperature of 21 degrees Celsius. A good 300 days of sunshine and the hills protecting the cool north shape the climate.

Sights and leisure activities: The resort of Benissa is not only ideal for a relaxing holiday, it is also a popular destination for water sports enthusiasts. Water sports enthusiasts can go water skiing, sailing, kayaking, windsurfing or diving. There is a golf club, a riding club and a large sports center. Hikers use the signposted hiking trails.

The old and well-preserved city center invites the guest to linger and you will find numerous sights here, the beautiful town hall, which was a hospital in the 18th century, the cathedral of the Marina, the monastery of the monks of the Franciscan order, the trading exchange (Lonja de Contratación ), an ethnography museum, the house of the Torres Orduña and much more. The weekly market, which attracts plenty of people every week, is very popular with residents and holiday guests.


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